Creating a Property

Creating a property is easy! However, you should never rush it.

John Doe would like to purchase a property at 18 Innocence Blvd. You as the realtor have met with John previously for a viewing of the property and he has decided he would like to go ahead with the purchase.

You will arrange a time to meet with John, once you have done and you are both outside the property you can then begin the process of creating the property.

Property Creation Instructions:

  1. Go up to the door of the property
  2. Enter the following command ” /createhouse [tier id] [property price]
  3. After this has been created wait around 3 seconds
  4. “Enter House” Should appear.
  5. You should first always enter the house to ensure the property has no issues
  6. IF the property comes with a garage go to the driveway and enter the /addgarage command
  7. After the property and garage (If Applicable) has been created you can get the buyer to go up to the house and purchase
  8. After purchase inform the buyer about the F1 Radial Menu where they can set their logout, stash and wardrobe.

Compare Properties

You can only compare 4 properties, any new property added will replace the first one from the comparison.